#BlogBoundCon Panel 2: Using Blogging in Your Career


Moderator: Julianne Daly
Panelists: DJ DeSmyter, Estelle Hallick & Shae McDaniel

For many, blogging was the first step to realizing nothing could be better than a lifetime working in books. Today, a number of bloggers now work in the publishing industry or very close to it. Panelists will discuss what made them want to transition, how it happened, and how blogging helped.

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#BlogBoundCon Panel 1: Blogging Diversely


Moderator: Zoraida CΓ³rdova
Panelists: Kaye M., Camryn Garrett & Michael Waters

The push for inclusive or β€œdiverse” books has swept the YA and kitlit publishing worlds over the past few years. Bloggers will discuss what blogging inclusively means and how they can blog inclusively, as well as discuss what has or hasn’t worked for them in the past. Continue reading “#BlogBoundCon Panel 1: Blogging Diversely”

#ALAAC16 – 5 Books to Look For


Let’s face it, the whole reason many of us are attending ALA Annual is for the books. Whether its for your library, your reading pleasure or because you’re a bibliomaniac, the books are where its at.

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#ALAAC16 – Pregaming Basics for ALA Annual 2016


Are you ready for ALA Annual in Orlando? The first question is actually – are you GOING to ALA Annual in Orlando this year? Tasch and I are attending ALA Orlando and making a vacation of it, so you know I have tons of info to throw at you πŸ™‚

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Book Launch Recap: Welcome to Havenport

book launch

Were you able to make it to the Welcome to Havenport launch party at The Booktrader of Hamilton? No? Have no fear I’m here to let you in on all the skinny – the readings, the discussions, the yummy yummy food…

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Book Launch Event: Welcome to Havenport

book launch

If you followed me from Poisoned Rationality you’d know that my local indie used to have these ladies come by for a discussion and signing panel once a year for their “Timeless” collection of anthologies. So its my extreme pleasure to know they have joined together for another collection Welcome to Havenport.

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B-Fest @ Barnes & Noble June 10-12th #BFESTBUZZ


Have you checked out your local B&N lately? For one magical weekend in June, lovers of young adult fiction can come together for trivia, games, giveaways and author events at their local B&N stores. You can find out more (as well as your local B&N events) by clicking the banner up top, but here’s some of the local highlights that I’m looking forward to.

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IBD 2016 Highlight: The Doylestown Bookshop


Yesterday I discussed the books I got at Farley’s Bookshop (New Hope, PA) and today I wanted to discuss the books I got at Doylestown as well as the YA presentation from their RHKids rep Bobbie.

What’s Independent Bookstore Day? It was a day for book lovers to unite and visit their local (or not so local!) indie bookstores for activities, exclusive merchandise and best of all BOOKS. Since my particular area didn’t have any participating I traveled outside my normal sphere to a couple of shops I was interested in. Along with my friend Mel and her almost six year old daughter Aeryn we made a morning of it!

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IBD 2016 Highlight: Farley’s Bookshop


Did you participate in Independent Bookstore Day (IBD) this year? Held on April 30, 2016 across the United States it was a call to booklovers to unite and visit their local (or not so local!) indie bookstores for a variety of bookish fun.

My particular area didn’t have any stores closer then 40 minutes away, so I took to the road to visit a couple stores I haven’t been to before. I’ve broken this up into two parts because the second store had an event I wanted to discuss as well.

First this is what I was sporting:

BEA attendees might recognize that shirt – it was one of the Sourcebook giveaway shirts from a couple years ago. The bag was a birthday gift from a few years ago from my friend Jia and the pins…well. Who doesn’t love pin collecting?

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