#OrlandoLex recap: #alaac16 Books


Books! The very air I breathe, the sun in my sky and the moon in my dreams. The reason I attend book conferences (aside from seeing friends) and the reason I’m sure many of us do as well. The discussion of the books, the pretty covers and author meet & greets. The ability to get the inside look at some of the hottest new books and giggle over some recent favorites.

This is what book conferences are to me.

This was my Vacation Group’s first time to ALA Annual. Long time friends and followers know that usually my group (consisting of myself, Tasch, Jenn and Tegan) typically attend Book Expo America. Its where I met Tasch (oh so many years ago) and the highlight of my year. We’ve attended the last three years of Midwinter (Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston), but we took the plunge to attend Annual too. Not really knowing what to expect to be honest.

In many ways Annual is very like Midwinter for purely Exhibit Hall attendees. Its larger, with specific areas for Graphic Novels or Gaming or an Artist Alley, plus space for Zine creation, but its largely the same as Midwinter, just on a bigger scale. From what I understand on the librarian side its MUCH larger. More sessions, lots of association meetings and education workshops.

The books Lexie! Talk about the bloody books! Okay okay I will.

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#ALAAC16 – 5 Books to Look For


Let’s face it, the whole reason many of us are attending ALA Annual is for the books. Whether its for your library, your reading pleasure or because you’re a bibliomaniac, the books are where its at.

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#ALAAC16 – Pregaming Basics for ALA Annual 2016


Are you ready for ALA Annual in Orlando? The first question is actually – are you GOING to ALA Annual in Orlando this year? Tasch and I are attending ALA Orlando and making a vacation of it, so you know I have tons of info to throw at you 🙂

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