#OrlandoLex recap: #alaac16 Books


Books! The very air I breathe, the sun in my sky and the moon in my dreams. The reason I attend book conferences (aside from seeing friends) and the reason I’m sure many of us do as well. The discussion of the books, the pretty covers and author meet & greets. The ability to get the inside look at some of the hottest new books and giggle over some recent favorites.

This is what book conferences are to me.

This was my Vacation Group’s first time to ALA Annual. Long time friends and followers know that usually my group (consisting of myself, Tasch, Jenn and Tegan) typically attend Book Expo America. Its where I met Tasch (oh so many years ago) and the highlight of my year. We’ve attended the last three years of Midwinter (Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston), but we took the plunge to attend Annual too. Not really knowing what to expect to be honest.

In many ways Annual is very like Midwinter for purely Exhibit Hall attendees. Its larger, with specific areas for Graphic Novels or Gaming or an Artist Alley, plus space for Zine creation, but its largely the same as Midwinter, just on a bigger scale. From what I understand on the librarian side its MUCH larger. More sessions, lots of association meetings and education workshops.

The books Lexie! Talk about the bloody books! Okay okay I will.

Remember click on the images to go to the Goodreads page for more info!

5 “I assure you I do find them interesting” Books:

Blood, Bullets, and Bones: The Story of Forensic Science from Sherlock Holmes to DNAI don’t typically do non-fiction of this variety. I picked this up on a whim while traveling through the HarperCollins booth because it said “Sherlock Holmes”. So far its been fascinating! I know a little about the roots of forensic science, as I watch a lot of historical mystery dramas across a wide range of countries, but this is really going deeper to give context to some things.


Romeo and/or Juliet: A Chooseable-Path Adventure Granted this is a Choose Your Own Adventure type book, but I’m not ACTUALLY a fan of Romeo & Juliet? But the lady at PRH Library was like “you can unlock a 4th character!” and I decided anything that let’s me treat it like an achievement hunter video game spree is okay with me.
Daughter of Albion: A Novel of Ancient Britain This is how the conversation as to why I picked this up went:
Friend: Hey Lex you read historical fiction set in ancient Britain right?
Me: Nope!
Friend: It has a blue cover and vaguely resembles the Tale of Alta and kind of sort of magic.
Me: Sold!

Yeaaah….I’m a sucker…
The Strivers' Row Spy Again not a time period I gravitate towards (Harlem 1920’s), but its about a SPY. Also it sounds like Loretta and Sidney have quite the dilemma on their hands. Its the first in a planned trilogy, so I have hopes!


Dark Matter Again this is how that converse went:
Friend: Didn’t you like Wayward Pines?
Me: Yes well I have problems with the–
Friend: This is by that author!
Me: But my issues with season 2 are–
Friend: You get to re-do your life!
Me: No but really my problem–
Friend: Like Sliding Doors!
Me: Sold!

My love of Sliding Doors knows no bounds…

5 “Related to my interests they are” Books:

The Hawkweed ProphecyGirls who somehow wind up switched at birth you say? Magical powers need to be released you say? Is suspiciously like what happened to Oribe in Arata you say? Sold.



Sacrifice (Serpentine #2) OH COME ON I’ve done nothing but exclaim about my excitement for this book! Of course I stood in line for a while to get her signature and a picture and to gush. OF COURSE I DID.



Closed Casket: The New Hercule Poirot Mystery I am a masochist. After the travesty of the first one (THE MONOGRAM MURDERS) I should say no. But hope breathes eternal…if she would just bring back Hastings…



Playing Dead: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud My dad keeps threatening to do this? So I thought I should look into what tricks he may try. And use them myself. Lexie has quite the debt after her Florida trip…



The Gate of Sorrows Author of BRAVE STORY and ICO has a new, adult, suspense book being translated you say? I’LL BE OVER HERE CLUTCHING MY BLANKIE AND WAITING TO READ IT EAGERLY.




Spindle (A Thousand Nights companion) I utterly loved A THOUSAND NIGHTS, so it was a no brainer for me when I saw this sitting out to grab. I leapt on it. Possibly literally. Stories vary from person to person about it actually.



Vassa in the Night BABA YAGA!!! So story time folks – as a kid I had an unhealthy fascination with Baba Yaga. I mean, like it was really unhealthy. I refused to acknowledge she was technically a villain. Ok yes this is only inspired by, but come on! So cool!!


The Queen of Blood (The Queens of Renthia, #1) Sarah. Beth. Durst. Oh you need more reason? Well, this sounds awesome and I know from first hand experience Sarah is awesome? Or that she will make this so sweet and fluffy then dive straight into the darkness and you won’t remember there was ever light in your life? (I’m exaggerating. Probably).


The Bear and The Nightingale Apparently this is the year of Russian fairy tale re-tellings (which…gosh guys that’s kind of interesting…given how dark and not usually happily they end…). The cover drew me to this originally, but I stayed after reading the synopsis.


Not final cover, art by Dave Filoni

Oh and then of course THIS LITTLE BEAUTY. I literally squealed when the publisher put it down. I scared him. Look I may not like Star Wars as much as Star Trek, but I have a serious yen for Ahsoka okay? And I already know Johnston writes awesome (SPINDLE!!!). So. Come at me if you’re uncertain.

Anyone else find anything cooool? Share with me! Let’s keep this party going!!


Lexie Words

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