Series Recap: Kate Daniels the Basics


Ever love a series so very much that whenever a new book is released you want to re-read it from the beginning to relive why the series is so great? The World of Kate Daniels is a series that does not disappoint. Between Kate – the no-nonsense, feral grin merc who stabs first and diplomats later (maybe) and her cadre of cohorts, enemies and allies there is never a moment when things are “easy”.

But who needs easy when you can have a paranoid psychopath ready to swoop in to rescue you…while you yell at him for doing just that?

With Book 9, MAGIC BINDS, due out September 20th I wanted to give y’all a taste…with as few spoilers as I can manage since I really do want all of you to read this series. If at any time you want to read the official synopsis/information on the world from the authors themselves head on over to the wiki page for that..

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