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From a young age Lexie was certain of one thing in life–books are the coolest thing in the world.  In 2008 she found the world of book blogging, creating the blog Poisoned Rationality thus introducing the world to her brand of insanity when it comes to books. Currently you can find her cultivating her own personal library of over 5,000 books (growing daily) in between all that stupid life stuff like a job and seeing people who apparently want her to do more than read a book in their presence.




Vows and Honor Vessel The Goose Girl32718027

Sister Light Sister Dark Poisoned Study Night Angel Mistborn

Untitled Inheritance Eli Monpress Untitled


Badass Bookworm


• Goodreads: Lexie

• Twitter: @PRationality

Poisoned Rationality

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I owe everything to J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter was my gateway drug into the world of literature. After reading, and re-reading it, countless times I started looking for other titles that might ignite the same love in me that the first Harry Potter book did. It is a never ending quest. Countless years, and an English degree later, here I am. Through blogging I’ve met authors, publishers, editors, and the best friends that a reading girl could ever have.

On a daily basis I find myself trying really hard to catch up on my TBR pile, and failing miserably. And yet this strange thing still happens: I keep buying more and more titles… such is a book reviewer/blogger’s life.


Sci-Fi & Urban/Paranormal Fantasy


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**Titles like The Harry Potter Series, and Hunger Games, are without questions all time favorites. I kind of wanted to show titles from recent years that have really left an impression and that may not be as well recognized. I recommend all these whole heartedly.


Witty/Sarcastic, Kick-ass Chicks


• Goodreads: Taschima

• Twitter: @TaschimaCullen



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