The Stormlight Archive (Re) Read #LexieSA


With OATHBRINGER, Book 3 in the Stormlight Archives, coming out on November 14 I thought it was high time to start rereading the series. After all its only about 2100 pages right?

I began on October 1st and barring some delays (totally forgot about NYCC and the exhaustion that entails) I’ve gone at a good clip. If you’ve been following along on Twitter you would have seen me use the hashtag #LexieSA.

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Graphic Novel Review: White Sand Vol 1


On the planet of Taldain, the legendary Sand Masters harness arcane powers to manipulate sand in spectacular ways. But when they are slaughtered in a sinister conspiracy, the weakest of their number, Kenton, believes himself to be the only survivor. With enemies closing in on all sides, Kenton forges an unlikely partnership with Khriss—a mysterious Darksider who hides secrets of her own.

Spoiler – There’s a spoiler beneath in my review. If you’d prefer to read the review minus the spoiler I suggest you check out my GR review, as the spoiler is hidden there.

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