The Stormlight Archive (Re) Read #LexieSA


With OATHBRINGER, Book 3 in the Stormlight Archives, coming out on November 14 I thought it was high time to start rereading the series. After all its only about 2100 pages right?

I began on October 1st and barring some delays (totally forgot about NYCC and the exhaustion that entails) I’ve gone at a good clip. If you’ve been following along on Twitter you would have seen me use the hashtag #LexieSA.

Look at that beautiful presentation….

This will act as my masterpost for linking the tweet threads as well as extra information on Brandon Sanderson’s site as they pertain to the information in each book/chapter (f any is available). I would also urge you to check out the Reading Series on both The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance done on (I also recommend Edgedancer, as its about Lift who is a character of importance in the next novels. If I have time I plan on covering Edgedancer as well). The Stormlight Archive at is VERY informative by the by.

My hope is to have both books plus the available first 20 chapters read by November 14th, which I will then devote my day to reading.

Master List

The Way of Kings


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