Smashwords Summer Sale!

SW_Vertical_ColorDo you know Smashwords? Did you know the annual Summer Sale is occurring? If you answered yes to either question – way to go! Join me in cursing this month as I try to remember I can’t spend $100 just because it means all the books are on sale. If you answered no to either question – this post may not be the best thing for you or your budget.

Turn back lest you realize “oh god I should have listened to the crazy book lady I read on the internet what has my life become” when you look at your bank account. I’ve warned you, my moral obligation is fulfilled.

I am just a poor non-student part time worker with aspirations of greatness who can’t save two pennies if someone says “book sale”. Smashwords in general is a godsend to me because many of the self-pub or independent authors/houses I follow will put their books up on Smashwords and Kindle. With different formats (which for me isn’t an issue, I prefer mobi because my tablet reads it better, but for others it may be something to think about).

Of course when S. Usher Evans posted about the sale on her twitter I was at the website faster than you could blink. I’d been waiting for it to start so its a relief it has. I stuck only to authors I knew for this time around – the sale runs for a month so I have plenty of time to go back after my next pay check and look for new to me authors!  Well ok I lied slightly…

year of the dragon

I picked up Books 2-4 of the “Year of the Dragon” series by James Calbraith. I had picked up the first book, THE SHADOW OF BLACK WINGS, some time ago so I was glad to see I could get Book 2 THE WARRIOR’S SOUL, Book 3 THE ISLANDS IN THE MIST and Book 4 THE RISING TIDE on sale.  Book 5 THE CHRYSANTHEMUM SEAL and Book 6 THE WITHERING FLAME, are also both on sale however they have to wait until my next buying round as I hit my maxim.

Aside from pretty covers, I am mostly intrigued by this because it blends fantasy, Asian elements, dragons, steampunk, magic and history.  I mostly ignore the hype surrounding it (its like Harry Potter! Its Tolkien-esque in world building!), but I’ve enjoyed the first book (need to finish it…it got buried when I went fanfic hunting).

miss1I picked up Book 2 in the “Tales of Aylfenhame” series by Charlotte E. English. I’ve had MISS LANDON & ABURANAEL waiting on me what feels like forever (so long its been it had a different cover!) and with Book 3 BESSIE BELL & THE GOBLIN KING due out in a couple weeks now seemed like a good time to get book 2 MISS ELLERBY & THE FERRYMAN.

These are magical history novels set in the Regency England time period and remind me a little of Sarah A. Hoyt’s “Magical British Empire” books in that English takes a softer approach to what it could mean.

raziaThe Complete Razia series by S. Usher Evans had to be picked up – I recently bought DOUBLE LIFE on the Kindle, but I couldn’t pass the chance to have it all in one nice little package.

Its a science fiction space opera about a young girl who decides being a pirate is more fun than being whatever her family wanted her to be. To the dismay of practically the entire universe.

Also picked up the first book THE ISLAND in the Madion War trilogy, as the second THE CHASM is due out in a couple weeks and the third early 2017.
magicI picked upped ELEMENTAL MAGIC by Angela Wallace mostly because of the pretty cover and the homicidal sea dragon bit. Book 2 DRY SPELL and Book 3 EARTH TONES are both also on sale, however I’m a little saturated with urban fantasies at the moment so I decided to wait and see if I enjoy this book before buying them.


Picked up the first two books in the Annika Brisby series by Emigh Cannaday – these look interesting! Also they’re portal fantasies! How could I say no? I am all about the portal fantasies. THE FLAME AND THE ARROW is free while book 2 THE SILVER THREAD is on sale. Book 3 THE SCARLET TANAGER is out at the end of July with the fourth book THE DARKEST OF DREAMS not due out until June of next year.

ladyLADY OF THE TWO LANDS by Elizabeth Delisi is a time travel romance that tosses our heroine back into the time of Hatshepsut…well actually our heroine Hattie gets tossed into Hatshepsut’s body, but hey details! Considering as a kid I thought Hatshepsut was the coolest of the cool I’m intrigued to see how this plays out. Plus someone pointed this out to me on twitter so it was on my wishlist already…I’ll have to look into this publisher(Tirgearr Publishing) a little more, they seem to have a lot of different and diverse offerings for romance.

black1Oddly enough I had just added BLACK IN WHITE to my Amazon wishlist not even a couple days ago, so this was quite fortuitous! BLACK IN WHITE is book 1 in the Quentin Black Mysteries series by JC Andrijeski, while BLACK CHRISTMAS is a pair of short stories set in the world itself. It sort of sounds like the Gabriel Knight games, except sexier. And Miri sounds hella more competent then Grace at least from what I remember…

Lastly this is a cheat as I didn’t know this author ahead of time and it wasn’t on sale, but the cover and the blurb caught me:


FINDERS KEEPERS by JJ Benedetto is the first in the Jane Barnaby Adventures and sounds so much fun.

It should have been a simple job. All archaeology student Jane Barnaby had to do was pick up a box her professor needed and deliver it to him at his dig site, along with his new car. Yes, his office was in Oxfordshire, and his dig site was in Spain, a trip of 1,400 miles across three countries and two bodies of water. Still, it should have been simple.

And it was, until Jane discovered she picked up the wrong box by mistake. Not the one with boring pottery samples, but instead the one with priceless ancient Egyptian artifacts. The one that a team of international art thieves is after.

Like I can totally see myself falling into a happenstance where this occurred. I have that bad of luck.

In total I spent about $10 – which is basically the budget I set for myself each paycheck for e-books. Find anything that may interest you? I’ll be doing another post later in the month when I once again get paid and can buy more, so hit me up with your suggestions! Ping me at twitter (@PRationality) or leave a comment here!


Lexie Words

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