IBD 2016 Highlight: The Doylestown Bookshop


Yesterday I discussed the books I got at Farley’s Bookshop (New Hope, PA) and today I wanted to discuss the books I got at Doylestown as well as the YA presentation from their RHKids rep Bobbie.

What’s Independent Bookstore Day? It was a day for book lovers to unite and visit their local (or not so local!) indie bookstores for activities, exclusive merchandise and best of all BOOKS. Since my particular area didn’t have any participating I traveled outside my normal sphere to a couple of shops I was interested in. Along with my friend Mel and her almost six year old daughter Aeryn we made a morning of it!


Address: 16 S Main St., Doylestown, PA 18901
Website: http://www.doylestownbookshop.com/
Store Information: The Doylestown Bookshop is a locally owned and operated bookstore dedicated to preserving the heritage and traditions of independent bookstore ideals. Since opening our doors in 1998 in downtown Doylestown we have been able to offer our customers an alternative to the ordinary. We carry an extensive inventory of new and nearly new books from classic literature to current bestsellers. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly and able to help you choose the perfect book for you or your family.

I had been to Doylestown once more–back in 2013 I attended an event for author Elizabeth Norris (UNRAVELING and UNBREAKABLE), but I haven’t made the trek back since (its about a hour away). I remember really liking the store because it was open and brightly lit and had clearly defined sections (with lots for kids to do) and a helpful staff.

Since I had already gotten the IBD exclusive I wanted (the Sanderson Companion) this was a visit to basically look around, pick up a book or two and listen to the presentation from Bobbie.

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Bobbie is the Random House Kids rep for Doylestown (as she explained she gets to travel to the cool bookstores like Doylestown and gush about books) and part of the perks of her job is to come to the store and do events like this.

She spoke about a number of novels before those of us in the seats followed her to discuss MORE books. She completely sold me on Anna and the Swallow Man by Gavriel Savit (set during WWII, its about a young girl in Poland escaping the Nazis with a stranger she calls “the Swallow Man”. Its been likened to The Book Thief, which I have a love/hate relationship with (I love it, but hate it for making me cry every time). I had already read many of the other books presented (the curse of being a blogger I suppose), but when we walked over to the stacks she sold me on Burning Midnight by Will McIntosh.

doyle 1

After the talk I wandered around with my niece and her mom, poking at various and sundry things. With the new season of BBC’s Sherlock finally on the horizon I felt a need to pick up some things to celebrate:

doyle 2

The bookmark in the middle was handmade by one of the girls in the local Girl Scout Troop (they were selling various hand crafts and food things in the store). I love the notebook because inside there are self-defense technique clues and various “necessary notations” on how to be a good detective. And well temporary literary tattoos are the BEST.

After making our purchases we decided we wanted food. We wanted waffles (because why wouldn’t you?) and I had promised Aeryn ice cream if she had behaved while her auntie rummaged around…wouldn’t you know it Doylestown had a Waffle & Ice Cream shop! Seriously this town is so wonderful. If you ever find yourself in need of a small town with boutiques and the like to walk around, I’d recommend Doylestown.

The Doylestown Bookshop was as I remembered it – brightly lit, delightful staff and very much up on making sure they had a wide selection available of not just books, but nifty book-related odds & ends. They also have a free buyer’s club wherein if you spend $150 on books you get a $10 coupon towards more books. Since the books are retail priced its not that hard (I’m already almost halfway there after one visit).

There’s also an area in the kid’s section set aside for playing–puzzles, a small kitchenette set for cooperative play and they host a variety of events (book clubs, author events, writing workshops, etc) throughout each month.

In all I’d have to say that despite my time restraints (I only had 5 hours to enjoy before I had to be responsible again) it was a good time for all. I definitely plan on participating again next year, but even before that when I was researching what bookshops I could go to, I came across a few not that far away with events I want to attend (like the Fran Wilde release party at Main Point Books in Bryn Mawr!).

The importance of the local indie bookshop can’t be overstated – there was a number of teen customers during Bobbie’s talk that spoke in glowing ways about their aspirations to be in publishing or how much they like to read or what the author events at Doylestown mean to them. These were normal non-blogger people! They apparently exist still!

I grumble about paying retail, but in the end I’d rather put my money towards an indie store whenever I can. Without them communities suffer and I don’t want to party to that.


Lexie Words

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