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Have you heard about Elise Kova’s new series launching in January 2017? The Loom Saga starts off with THE ALCHEMISTS OF LOOM, a dark story of vengeance, family and politics that quite frankly sends shivers down my reading spine.

In prep for the Loom Saga Elise has created the Guild Games – once upon a time the Guilds resisted the Dragon King, but they fell, leaving a lot of broken pieces behind. Now as we gear up for the launch we’re working to make the Guilds the power they once were.

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First you want to find which Guild fits you best. You can either take the Buzzfeed quiz created by Elise or see which strikes your fancy. Personally I chose the Revolver Guild because come on – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang darling! You can see more about each Guild, and how to join them, on The Guild Games official launching page, but here’s what’s what real quick:


Revolver Guild: Be the Spark

There are two types of people in the world: those with the courage to pull the trigger, and those who are too afraid to pick up the gun. You are unequivocally the former.


Ravens Guild: Spread Our Wings

If life isn’t moving full-throttle then it’s not for you. You move at nearly suicidal speed in all your decisions, but you’re utterly confident while doing it.

Alchemists-BlackAlchemists Guild: Be the Crucible

The world is one great experiment, and you’re merely the observer. As an Alchemist, you study the natural order of things, but you do not embrace it, you challenge it.

Rivets Guild: Tooled for TomorrowRivets-Black

You are the engineer of dreams, the craftsman of large buildings and tiny clockwork alike. No one sees the world like you do, for you look between what is there to find what is possible.

Harvesters-BlackHarvesters Guild: Sow and Reap

You are the great collector. There is no stone un-turned and no stretch of land that isn’t yours to lay claim.


As I said, I joined the Revolvers – we’re not afraid to face what we know we must do, though this path may lead to ruin, we will follow it to the end. We do what we must, knowing each day comes with such a sacrifice.

As a Guild member there are tasks for which you can accomplish to bring prestige to the Guild (and also promote the series ;)). Recruit members, promote the series via social media, participate in chats – stuff most of us do for fun already!

Even better with the “Resources” that you collect from your Guild tasks your Guild Leader (Vicar) can exchange them for some cool series swag and information! The more Resources you collect the more exclusive content and swag you unveil! You can see all the tasks and what they can be exchanged for here.

As for the first book, THE ALCHEMISTS OF LOOM? Here’s the cover and synopsis:


Official Hashtag for all social channels: #LoomSaga #TheAlchemistsOfLoom #tAoL
Elise Kova’s Social Media Links:

Pre-order On:


(all images and much of the information is from the Official Guild Page, the Revolver Guild FB group and Elise Kova’s website)


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