Discussion: 5 Hyped Series That Don’t Work For Me

We all know the books I mean when I say “hype”. Books that take the blog-o-sphere and beyond to dizzying heights of collective love. Books that consistently make the lists at the end of years or beginning of years or middle of years proclaiming them “Books I Must Have” “Books I Loved” “Books You Must Read”.

Some I’ve enjoyed. THRONE OF GLASS is one that I knew from the get-go I would love. Going further back to when I first began blogging Maggie Stiefvater’s “Wolves of Mercy Falls” series (SHIVER, LINGER, FOREVER and the new companion SINNER) was one I loved to pieces and actively participated in the hype.

Sometimes though books just don’t appeal. Around the same time I was loving Stiefvater I was REALLY disappointed by another werewolf series, “Nightshade” by Andrea Cremer. I thought I’d love the series based on how cool the world sounded and how awesome Calla was. Then I read the first book and my Rant was extraordinary. Equally I will likely never pick up a John Green novel as I really don’t understand what’s so great about his books. I tried PAPER TOWNS and AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES and gave up.

It seems to be happening more often now and with less than half a year to go I wanted to talk about some of the hyped books of the recent years that haven’t hooked me. No spoilers though so feel safe.


Grisha Trilogy / Six of Crows Duology
by: Leigh Bardugo

I tried so hard to get into these books guys. I don’t know what I’m missing, but whatever it is I just do not enjoy them. My friends keep insisting that if I keep going they’ll get better for me…but I don’t want to have to wait for a book to “click” with me. If I’m 200 pages in and still not feeling it, I don’t think I’m ever going to feel it. I will say she has some of the best covers and artwork associated with the two series though.


The Winner’s Trilogy
by Marie Rutkoski

When THE WINNER’S CURSE first came out I was excited. I love girls with swords. I love girls with swords who fight for something and buck tradition. I love girls with swords who for fight for something and buck tradition and have secrets. This trilogy should have been my everything. Instead I wanted to murder Kestrel and I despised Arin almost on sight.


His Fair Assassin Series
by: Robin LaFevers

Again girl with swords! AND SHE’S AN ASSASSIN. Given my love of Celaena and Yelena, you’d think this would be a shoo-in to win my love as well. Unfortunately I never connected with Ismae and part of that I blame on reading so many novels of the same vein. Heroine has a mission, love gets in the way, complications arise. Maybe one day I’ll go back to this, but right now I just can’t.


The Raven Cycle series
by: Maggie Stiefvater

I mentioned loving The Wolves of Mercy Falls right? I went into the Raven Cycle with such high hopes. Okay I don’t’ usually enjoy books that have prophecy of being a true love’s death. Actually I’m pretty against prophecy as a motivating factor to not do something in general (I’m with Antigone on this, prophecy ruins lives). Beautiful covers though…


The Selection series
by: Kiera Cass

I dislike beauty pageants. I dislike the whole spectacle of most reality shows (faux reality shows, like Joe Schmoe or Burning Love however are a different story). Granted I have enjoyed books of this kind before, but I think I balked at the main character’s name being America Singer. I can’t get past that. I just really can’t.

So am I missing out that much? Are there series or books you’re not that into that everyone seems to want/love/obsess over?


Lexie Words

10 thoughts on “Discussion: 5 Hyped Series That Don’t Work For Me

    1. Exactly! I try pretty hard to stay away from hype now because I don’t want to have my opinion colored by expectations, but its really hard when its an author you’ve read before and enjoyed you know?


  1. I really love the Raven Cycle that said, I’m still at book 2, but I can totally see why some people won’t like it. It’s hard to get away from prophecy when the premise of the story is an entire family of psychics.


    1. My bestie Mel really enjoys the Raven Boys Cycle and we tend to enjoy much of the same things, so I may try it as audiobook since I have less of a threshold of “I want to love you to finish you” ( I just want something to occupy my brain while cleaning/cooking/driving really).

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