Bookitcon Chapter Two Recap Part 1


bookitcon chap 2

What is Bookitcon you ask? Its a charity event run by the seriously awesome Nori (of ReadWriteLove28) held in South Jersey to help promote literacy in children. The event raised money buy new books for two K-8 schools in Camden, NJ whose libraries need updating as well as create a library for the nonprofit group Grace in the Mud.

Well that’s the official reason – the unofficial reason is its an event for South Jersey that brings in a boatload of YA authors from across the genre divide so readers can meet, greet and be merry. Which I totally did and more importantly survived.

As I’m a cool kid I got the VIP ticket, which enabled me to not only get a really swanky VIP bag, but also I was able to entered the author signing lines a whole HOUR before the panels began.

Oh, but first I was joined in this endeavor by Danielle (of Flyleaf Chronicles), Amanda (of Being Perry), Kathleen (of Books, TV, and more…Oh My!) and Justin (of A Court of Coffee and Books). Danielle I’ve known for a number of years, but Amanda and Kathleen were recent friends I made during BlogBound so I was very happy to see them. Justin was a new person to me, but hey who doesn’t like book friends?

After gabbing outside for a bit (we were all a wee bit early), we headed inside to sign in and then go look at all the door prizes offered. There were some pretty awesome sets – including forthcoming coveted ARCs like GOING GEEK by Charlotte Huang, a THE READER by Traci Chee inspired gift set and stacks of themed books. In total there was over two dozen door prizes you could enter your door prize tickets for (spoiler: I didn’t win any sadly).

Barnes & Noble was set up in the one side room with books from many of the authors present to buy. Or as I liked to think, B&N showed up to tempt me into not paying my bills once more by having an array of books calling my name. I struggled mightily my dear readers, but I ended up buying FOR THE RECORD by Charlotte Huang (a book which I only recently heard about, but for which I immediately wanted) and A LITTLE SOMETHING DIFFERENT by Sandy Hall (spoiler: I love romances told from unique perspectives). I almost bought several other books, but I resisted. Those siren tomes could only silence the demon bill folk for so long after all.

And then readers…then it was author signing time.

credit Lisa K
Credit Lisa A. Koosis @MidnightZoo

I was not prepared. Or rather I was, but I really wasn’t since I brought the wrong tote bag. Since we were VIP we arrived before most of the crowds and I made an excited beeline for Jodi Meadows table. As one of the two authors I really wanted to meet at the event, I did not want to miss a chance to gush at her. Which I did. Oh readers I so did. And she was super-nice about it too. I got rambly at one point or other…oh oh oh! But we shared a moment of fangirl adoration for Mary E. Pearson. She got to meet the wonderful lady at RT and the reaction I was having to meeting her, was the reaction Jodi had to meeting Mary.


After Jodi I took a moment to compose myself while trying to organize the books I wanted signed in a reasonable manner. Danielle and I wandered around, flitting from side of the room to side of the room in my quest to find the authors I wanted to meet.

Some highlights:

  • Discussing being a band groupie in HS with Charlotte Huang. Simple Mischief, you were my high school years and I sorely miss you.
  • Finding A.V. Geiger, author of the 2017 forthcoming release FOLLOW ME BACK, and entering to win Vic James’ 2017 debut GILDED CAGE. Also gushing about how much I can’t wait for FOLLOW ME BACK ever since I heard about it.
  • Meeting Lisa A. Koosis, author of the forthcoming October release RESURRECTING SUNSHINE, a new to me book that involves handling grief and memories…and cloning.
  • FINALLY meeting Phoebe North in the actual real person meat space reality. I’ve followed Phoebe through various social media channels for a while now, and her two books STARGLASS and STARBREAK remain two of my favorites (that I need to re-read). We discussed fanfiction for a very long time and shipping, as well as the cracktastic romance Katje, Lanie & I myself are writing.
  • Discussing with Sandy Hall her books and how excited I am to read them.

Oh did I mention meeting S. Usher Evans? Oh I didn’t? SO I MET S FINALLY. Apparently you shouldn’t put us together because hugs and ridiculousness occurred.


Why yes this is us hanging out by the SPELLS & SORCERY banner. Featuring a character with my name. Because the cool kids are called Lexie. Go on. Be jelly.

After I got my hyper excited fangirl self under control, you can run hot for only so long after all, I sat down with the bags and made a new friend! Hello Melanie!! Let us spend many such fun events together again!

Settling down, we got ready for the panels “Surprises in Publishing” and “Facts vs Fiction”, both of which I will go into detail about in my next post!


Lexie Words

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