#ReadThemAllThon: Pokemon Indigo League TBR



What it is: a 3 weeks long reading challenge based on the Kanto’s Indigo League.
When is it: The read-a-thon will run for 3 weeks between Sunday 8/14 to Sunday 9/4.
How to Join: From now til September 4th head to the signups page and follow the instructions.

Since I’m rewatching Pokémon with my niece right now and I’m doing #ARCAugust, this sounds fabulous. TLDR; Spreadsheet for my points info: #ReadThemAllThon Spreadsheet.

For the breakdown read on to find out more!

The Challenges/Gyms

There are 8 reading challenges within this read-a-thon, based on the 8 gyms that are in the Indigo League. Earn a badge every time you complete a book!


  1. Pewter Gym: The First Book In A Series
    This Rock-type gym is the first gym Ash and the Pokemon player ever encounters. Finish this challenge to win a Boulder Badge.
  2. Cerulean Gym: A Book That Might Make You Cry
    This Water-type gym has a badge that looks like a droplet of your tear, so read a book that will rip your heart out. Finish this challenge to win a Cascade Badge.
  3. Vermillion Gym: A Book With Thunderous Hype
    Vermillion City is the home to Lt. Surge and his many Electric-type Pokemon. For this challenge, read a book that’s been hyped all over bestseller’s list and the internet.  Finish this challenge to win a Thunder Badge.
  4. Celadon Gym: A Book That Focuses on Diversity
    Celadon Gym is one of my favourites, because of it’s colourful Grass-type aesthetics. Read a diverse book and you will earn yourself a Rainbow Badge.
  5. Fuschia Gym: A Book With A Great Romance
    I’ve always been confused by the fact that a Poison-type gym has a heart-shaped badge. Can someone explain please. Read a book that features romance prominently and earn a Soul Badge.

  6. Saffron Gym: A Book With Fantasy/Supenatural Elements
    Saffron City is where all the Psychic-types hang out, so for this challenge, read a bool with fantasy, magical realism, or paranormal elements. Finish this challenge to win a Marsh Badge.

  7. Cinnabar Gym: A Book With A Red Cover
    Cinnabar Island is famous for red earth and Fire-type Pokemon. For this challenge, read a book with a red cover. Complete this challenge to win a Volcano Badge.
  8. Viridian Gym: A Book With Post-Apocalyptic Setting
    The final gym is home to a Team Rocket Leader (OK, if it’s been out 10+ years you can’t cry spoilers) and Ground-type Pokemon. For this challenge, read a book featuring a ruined, post-apocalyptic Earth. Finish this to win yourself an Earth Badge.


TBR List:

  • Pewter Gym (CP 20):
  • Cerulean Gym (CP 20):
    • Magic Burns
      author: Ilona Andrews
      CP: 26 (260 pgs)
      Review: — (CP 20)
  • Vermillion Gym (CP 20):
    • Labyrinth Lost
      author: Zoraida Cordova
      CP: 33 (336 pgs)
      Review: — (CP 20)
  • Celadon Gym (CP 20):
  • Fuschia Gym (CP 20):
  • Saffron Gym (CP 20):
  • Cinnabar Gym (CP 20):
    • Magic Binds
      author: Ilona Andrews
      CP: 38 (384 pgs)
      Review: — (CP 20)
  • Viridian Gym (CP 20):
    • Steelheart
      author: Brandon Sanderson
      CP: 38 (386 pgs)
      Review: — (CP 20)


Pokémon Choice: Dratini – when I originally began watching the show (waaaaay back in 1997) I loved Dratini. I’m not sure why and it was soon superseded by my love of Charmeleon (I love jerk characters), but I figure its a good Pokémon to go with me on this journey.

Beginning CP: 10
Evolution 1 (at 150CP): Dragonair (+50 CP)
Evolution 2 (at 400 CP): Dragonite (+50 CP)

If I do just the bare minimum (read/review) – I can hit both evolutionary forms and will have a total of 673 CP at the end. I’m using Goodreads “page count” for all the books, especially as I’m reading two e-books, so if the physical count turns out different I’ll adjust.


Lexie Words




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