#SDCC2016 Highlights (Part 1: TV)

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San Diego Comic Con, aka SDCC, is the mecca for all things pop culture. You are guaranteed to not only find at least ONE exclusive item for your favored fandom, but a dozen new to you friends who also love that fandom. I’ve never been, but I follow the news coming from those lucky gidgets who do get to go. Rabidly some might say.

Here are some TV highlights I’ve come across that certainly made ME do a happy dance. Spoilers for their previous seasons so be warned.The CW’s welcome to Supergirl…

How fab is that? I absolutely adore Supergirl – Melissa Benoist manages to make Kara relatable without sacrificing how alien she feels in the world in a way Superman couldn’t (she came to Earth at a much older age than Superman did, so she remembered what it was like to live on Krypton). The cast is fun, even if some of them are too weird for words, and she had a gallery of villains that were different. And the crossover with The Flash was ON POINT.

And let’s not forget about the Scarlet Speedster himself…I mean after that season finale…

OMG WALLY. Also GDI Barry you had one job. Though being a comics fan I know how horribly bad it goes for Barry when he saved his mom  I can’t imagine what fresh hell it will be like for him here. I do wonder how his saving Mama Allen changed things so drastically though…but hey Time Travel!

And Legends of Tomorrow! GUYS THE FEELS after the last season I’ll miss #TeamKleyptoKillerPyro so much.

Rumor has it Captain Cold will return…but in the meantime let me just stare at Rex (hi sweetie!). Also apparently Eobard Thawne (yes he of the Reverse Flash fame of The Flash series) will be a major player and we will see more sinister familiar faces. Exciting right? Goodbye Vandal Savage hello OH MY GOD WORST PEOPLE. Time travel! (I love saying that)

On a slightly more anti-hero side let’s talk about Luke Cage..

So I really enjoyed Jessica Jones. I may never watch it again, since oh my god I don’t need to see my love of life David Tennant creeping me out so perfectly (he gave me so many conflicted emotions…I shouldn’t be rooting for someone like him…but how could I ? but so evil, but David Tennant!), but I enjoyed it. Luke Cage was a highlight for me, so this trailer just has me geared up for September 30th even more. Why yes I may marathon the entire series that day–why do you ask?

Plus come on who’s not excited for the Defenders?

I love the song in the trailer, also I like the style of it. Netflix has been doing a better than expected job with their Marvel titles and I think this set up could go really really well. Also I will adore watching Matt Murdoch try to deal with Jessica…

Speaking of Marvel – how did I not hear about Legion before now?

I got no idea what’s going on in that video but I saw Audrey Plaza and oh hey Dan Stevens…so there’s that to look forward to…

Lucifer you devilishly handsome man…

The first season was a surprise hit with both me and my father, so we’re intrigued to see where it goes. There’s something very…engaging and likeable about ol’ Luci. And Maize. Now my bible mythology is sketch as hell, but who was Luci’s mother again?

My Queen is back in action (that’s not a good thing…well for anyone else…) plus Oded Fehr in Once Upon a Time…

While I’m not completely sold on Regina separating herself from the Evil Queen, I am interested to see how this will play out. Though, I can’t let the hype get me too much. For one thing, I let that happen with #DarkSwan (+ #DarkHook)and wanted to sob with its execution. I’ve been wondering for a while if they would re-introduce Jafar back into the show (he was previously played by Naveen Andrews in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) since that Jafar didn’t seem to know Aladdin (honestly his storyarc was somewhat confusing as hell). Oded never let’s me down (nor does he age…that man is gorgeous and ageless) and he’s appropriately sinister in that sneak peek soo…And Karen David is playing Jasmine! Okay I’m down for this to happen guys.

And omg The Expanse season 2 trailer…

Am I the only one who enjoyed this show? Hell no. Am I the only looking forward to its return? Hell no again. It can’t come soon enough. Syfy you manage to win me back with your recent crop of things…don’t’ disappoint me okay?

Wanna help Ash (and Xena…!) fight Deadites again? Warning its…gory.

So I was hit or miss with the first season, but I will never say no to Lucy Lawless and Bruce Campbell. Honest to god I will never say no. Sides still enjoying it more than The Walking Dead…

A bit of Star Trek to make this Trekkie girl’s heart flutter (especially after just seeing Star Trek Byond):

I’m excited because for the first 20 years of my life Star Trek was always on TV – even ugh Voyager & Enterprise, little as I like them – so its nice to see its coming back to me. I’m hesitant though because..well…Bryan Fuller is almost as bad as fucking Abrams in hurting my heart.

Did you watch The Man in High Castle? I surprisingly enjoyed it (I say surprisingly because its no where near my normal brand of show). So Season 2’s trailer is banging looking:

o.o okay I should go rewatch season 1 before this airs because I have a feeling I’m gonna go O.O a lot.

A little bit of animated action – I have to say I’ve enjoyed a lot of the offerings from DC Animated tv shows (not Teen Titans Go! though) and this looks closer to the older animated shows than the newer:

I’ve missed having the Justice League on my screens (and I can’t rewatch the original animated series only so many times)…plus with 152 different characters popping up they’re BOUND to show some of my lesser known favs (I saw Courtney Whitmore!!). PLUS They announced they’re making a Teen Titans: Judas Contract movie, so. DC you may win back my heart at least a little bit if you keep this up.

No trailer for it, but here’s a highlight reel for Scream Queens panel…which yes. This show YES.


Other shows I’m interested but no trailer was released (that I can find, I’ll update if this changes):

  • Rick & Morty season 3  – new love of life for me, so yeah now I’m impatient as hell for it. They did release a mostly unfinished scene however…watch at your own risk its a bit gory.
  • Archer season 8 – god I love this show and I’m so excited its renewed through season 10. I REALLY want to see the live read they did, it was apparently fan-fucking-tastic.
  • Riverdale – I was a huge Archie nerd as a kid. Like I used to get the digests in my mailbox for years (I don’t know what happened to those and it kind of pisses me off I won’t lie). So. Yes kind of intrigued by this…
  • Nothing for Marvel’s The Punisher, but Daredevil did get renewed for a third season (who’s surprised? I’m not).
  • A poster for Disney XD’s Ducktales revival, which if I’m being honest, I’m pretty hyped for. (via Geekfinity)

I don’t know – did’ja all find something fun to check out I didn’t list? Obviously The Walking Dead, Arrow and Gotham had trailers, but I could care less about them to be honest (I don’t watch Arrow or Gotham and frelling TWD…). Did I miss anything else cool though?

Lexie Words


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