#SDCC2016 Highlight: BLACK PANTHER

Black Panther
credit: Black Panther movie twitter

I’m not even going to play – you want excited? Let me tell you about the excitement I feel over Marvel’s forthcoming Black Panther movie. I was originally excited when I heard they had cast Chaswick Boseman as T’Challa, my gorgeous Prince from a secret country. From what I saw of Boseman he looked like T’Challa; right build, right facial expressions, damn dapper in a suit. When I saw Civil War I could barely contain my glee as he was introduced. He sounded like my T’Challa. Eloquent, dry sense of humor and fiercely protective of his country.

I spent most of the rest of CW bouncing in my chair whenever he came on the screen. You guys I’m not joking when I say that the pre-teen inside of me–the girl who used his name to learn how to properly pronounce the letter ‘t’, ‘ch’ and ‘l’, who doggedly named him any time the kids around her talked about comics–was dancing with joy. If Barry Allen is my favorite guy in DC, T’Challa is my favorite guy in Marvel and I needed his first foray into the live action universe to be nailed.

And he was, oh my goodness he was.

Now at SDCC they unveiled a whole LOT of info about the movie (including the cast!). So expect me to go into overdrive mode when filming begins in January 2017 (which…hey where’s it being filmed…) so let’s break down what we know now ok?


  • Chadwick Boseman – T’Challa/Black Panther
  • Lupita Nyong’o – Nakia
  • Michael B Jordan – Eric Killmonger
  • Danai Gurira – Okoye

First – how freaking exciting to have not only Danai (Michonne from The Walking Dead, who remains my fav character), but also Lupita?! I said, waaaaay back when it was rumored Lupita was joining the cast, that nothing could make me more excited than to see her join. I was wrong. Her AND Danai just…they killed it ok?

Second – Chadwick! My love! :coughs: Sorry.

Third – ha so Marvel lured Jordan from Fantastic Four to Black Panther. Step up sir, it was a step up.

Fourth – this cast (and director!) tho:

cast image 1

Video Interviews/Panel Coverage/Coverage in General:

  • IGN Talks to Chadwick Boseman (I’m not sure I liked the interviewer here honestly, he seems out of the loop/floundering in questions)
  • Tor.com reminds us that we got a taste of the Dora Milaje in Civil War…
  • Blavity breaks down who’s playing what with a bit of background
  • Flicks and the City talked to Chadwick and his reactions to the fans’ reactions to Black Panther
  • Flicks and the City video Introductions for the Black Panther panel…
  • Captain America: Civil War featurette about Black Panther
  • Marvel Entertainment gals talk with Chadwick abut what its been like so far and what influences he’s taken from the comic book history.

(I’ll never get tired of listening to Chadwick talk…or smile…)

I’ll continue to update this throughout the next couple of days…and expect to see me reviewing the comics soon…


Lexie Words

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