#SDCC2016 Highlights (Part 2: Movies)

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San Diego Comic Con, aka SDCC, is the mecca for all things pop culture. You are guaranteed to not only find at least ONE exclusive item for your favored fandom, but a dozen new to you friends who also love that fandom. I’ve never been, but I follow the news coming from those lucky gidgets who do get to go. Rabidly some might say.

Yesterday I covered the TV Highlights I was excited for, so today let’s talk about the movie highlights!

First let me just get this out of the way – I haven’t seen, nor likely am to see, Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice. Its just ugh. I saw the Honest Trailer and the How It Should Have Ended videos (I can’t wait for the CinemaSins video…) so I feel like I’ve seen enough to now I’ll regret the missing time. That being said, omg Justice League and Wonder Woman had fab trailers:

Wonder Woman:

It looks so much fun! Like…this is the Diana I grew up with? The one who was I take no shit and I enjoy battle Diana.

Justice League:

THIS looks fun too. I think they’re Barry Allen is a little too…Peter Parker for my tastes? (Barry did not have trouble making friends…) However this looks like they want to have fun and play with the characters some more. So. I’m down for that okay? Also CYBORG.

Though if we’re being really honest LEGO BATMAN RULES THEM ALL:

Um the King Arthur trailer looks sick:

I’m not an Arthur fan, but this may make me change my mind. Arthur looks to be my type of dude.

I literally saw nothing but the fact Tom Hiddleston is in this:

I’m gonna ret-con this as “Loki goes on vacation and things go wrong. As they do.”

I have mixed feelings regarding Dr. Strange due to the white-washing, but…sigh. Cumberbatch. and Swinton!

I mean…look. I will likely see this. My moral fiber is pretty awful to be honest.

This looks CHEESY in a 90’s kind of way. Which makes sense because Legends of the Hidden Temple was tthe 90’s kid’s gameshow.

Noteworthy is that DC announced we’re getting a Teen Titans: Judas Contract. While Justice League vs. Teen Titans was a let down (such a let down, my friend and I were not pleased), I’m hopeful for the Judas Contract. Its probably my third favorite “classic” New Teen Titans storyline (“Who is Donna Troy?” is first and anything to do with Starfire & and her sister Blackfire is second), but it means I’m almost guaranteed Donna Troy/Wonder Girl. I say almost because I should have been guaranteed her in JL vs TT, since we saw TRIGON, but yeah no.

Ok so I didn’t have quite as much as to say about the movies as I did the shows (I’m more of a TV girl what can I say?), but come on. That Lego Batman movie looks HILARIOUS and I’ll give DC credit for the Wonder Woman trailer amazing me. Justice League also seemed interesting, but I refuse to condone their Barry Allen. Just. No.

Anything I missed? Anything you caught that was interesting?


Lexie Words

2 thoughts on “#SDCC2016 Highlights (Part 2: Movies)

  1. Legends of the Hidden Temple was so fun to watch as a kid. I don’t know how they’re making a movie out of it… Love the DC trailers. Justice League is looking great so far. I think they mashed up Barry Allen with Wally West for the Flash.


    1. Its interesting that nick is doing this – though of all their game shows of yesteryear LEGENDS definitely has the best potential as far building a storyline (part of me wishes they’d do Nick Arcade though, just for the laughs). I’m going to need Ezra Miller to dial up his angst factor, that scene really came off as feeling like the scene between Peter Parker & Tony Stark in Civil War >.>


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