Book Review: Cemetery Boys

This brilliant!! The stunning debut novel of Aiden Thomas.

So simple and yet so delicious to devour. Aiden did an excellent job with latinx + LGTB. Our culture is very loud, unique. We have always a celebration for everything. Sometimes I tent to believe we create even holidays. As for this book, he mixed many latinx cultures in one; still focusing on things we have in common. It’s a very real thing of us to find and become doctors when we feel any sort or pain or sick. Manzanilla, caldo de pollo, té de jenjibre. Many, many things. Even if we have insomnia we latinx have remedies. Also like I mentioned before, we celebrate everything! I’m puertorican. In Puerto Rico there are as many holidays as days on a calendar. Reyes, Calle San Sebastian and Dia de la salsa or festival de las flores are very typical from here. And we are very, very alegres y celebrativos.

In Aiden’s case I read how the book was going since a chapter and even knew who the villain was…even why Julian was fading. Maybe is because I tent to like dark stuff…maybe is because I know about many things and even know I don’t practice Santeria, I kind of know their way. I study their religious view. Well sort of this way, his book was going and I…loved it!!! I truly did!!! Mexican culture is one of the many cultures I love and their food is way to awesome. Menudo, tacos, tortas, carne asada and queso…bring it in!! Not to mention one time I was with my friends “Mexicanos” and they were at a bday. They brought this huge big ass strawberry cake…I’ve never have tried one that good. Thank you Mona for that. Anyway, well he also brought something I love and one day I want to be in a celebration, he brought Dia de los muertos. OMG…I just love it. So Yadriel is a brujx and his family is Cuban/Mexican, that one was a bit weird for me but they are preparing everything for Dia De Los Muertos and welcoming all the spirits from their family in their cemetery.
One night Yadriel did his own ritual with his cousin Maritza, to receive the blessings of Lady Death and become a brujx. His dad didn’t want to make his ritual when he was 15 because he was gay. So he wanted to do it and prove to his family, that he had it. That he was strong and worth it. But that night, in the blessings of Lady Death, Yadriel and Maritza fell the lost of their cousin Miguel and he also met the spirit of Julian Diaz(Colombiano) and gay too. LGTB power. The death of Julian was a mystery. There was nothing to lead and even know Maritza and Yadriel looked for clues and went to Julian’s friends and his brother Rio, it was hard to figure out where his body was, because that could lead them too, to the death of their cousin Miguel, who’s spirit was missing. Also on a side note, no one in Yadriel’s family knew he was a brujx, because the ritual had to be all family. No family was a disgrace. So Yadriel had to hid Julian’s spirit on his bedroom so no one in the family would see him. But of course, he had an uncle who cared for him covered for him in anyways. Including hiding the secret if Yadriel being a brujo.

Weird things kept happening between Yads and Jules in their adventure. Dark forces come running down the cemetery and it’s up to Yadriel to help Julian’s spirit be free of taking the chances of him becoming Maligno.

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