Blood & Honey

Magic is neither good or bad

On a site note, I was going through my decisions of how many starts should I rate this book. Then the last pages and chapter came to me like a slap. The result is brilliant.

I must say one thing I love about this book is the different moods. You have humor, you have thrill, you have questions and blood, much, much, much blood. The book is called Blood and Honey and I asked myself about the title. Sure Serpent and Dove made sense but Blood and Honey. I still loved it but I was intrigued by it until of course the books tells you and you understand why. Then it makes more sense because at the end of this book you will need some Blood and Honey too.

The book starts with the same crew and where we left them. Lou with Reid, Coco as the fiercest and most beautiful blood witch there is, sweet and innocent Ansel and and so on the rest. This book is all about alliance and keep yourself safe. Morgane is on their tail, hunting them, watching every step and scheming in darkness. They know how powerful the witch is. They also know the Chasseurs are too looking for them with Jean Luc as commander. And they know, they are not enough to bring her down to stop them. So they take action. They decided to visit the blood witches clan of Coco’s aunt, leaving Reid behind as they come across the witches. On their way Lou sees the awful thing Morgane has done to Reid’s family and decides to lie when they meet again. They try to close the widening rift between them, the dastardly Morgane baits them in a lethal game of fox and hunters that threatens to destroy something worth more than any coven.

Like I mentioned before this book get you on edge, makes you feel bitter and sad. On a quick note, the love between Lou and Reid, I find it annoying in the most beautiful way. It’s perfect. You don’t feel like we’re in love and everything works for it. You don’t see the pink and pretty colors. Sure they are married and they love each other. But going from a relationship to knowing each other, a hunter and a witch. One raise strict with morals and rules and anything out of church is abomination as for the other one a witch full or magic and desire. It not easy to combine. But when they do it’s beautiful. And what I loved about it most, it’s real.

After that ending I can’t wait for the third and final book. It’s been an awesome ride and now that the cliffhanger is on, Shelby, make the third one count as the first two.

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