The One where I #MondayMeme, and Talk about Obsessively Book-Planning

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^How I feel most of the time.

In other news I have decided to seriously CALENDAR all upcoming releases I want to review/showcase here in the blog. Why must I do this?

It gives me structure.

…that way I can stop falling behind on reviewing, and maybe even talk about a book the week it is being released and not, lets say, 6 months later. I am terrible

It will allow me to feel prepared for the future. 

…If I know the NEXTAWESOMEYATITLE is coming out next week Tuesday, then I can start reading the book NAO yes, the embarrassment that it might take me a whole week to finish a book… don’t make me go there this allows me to account for time well spent with my 10 month old baby boy who is just starting to walk/will not get off my lap (see below, my cutie pie).

James 07052018

(He also keeps stealing my kindle; I am both proud and annoyed)

It might help me actually remember which titles I SHOULD be reading because they are both awesome AND releasing soon, and not wander into my favorite series for the 100th re read (Jeanine Frost… I am looking at you. YOU TOO ILONA ANDREWS).

I think this might help me become a better blogger so I am giving it a shot. If there are any other bloggers out there reading this crazy woman’s plea, what do YOU do to stay on track?

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