Book Sale! B&N 2 for $20 on Select YA Titles


Thanks to the head’s up from Samantha (@SKRandolph) for the head’s up – Barnes and Noble on line ( is running a buy 2 for $20 on select YA titles from now til October 22nd. And there are NEW RELEASES amongst the selection. And as long as you have at least two eligible books, all other books are $10 each (so if you want 5 books that’s $50! You don’t need to get an even number to apply the promotion after the initial two).

Let me give you some of my personal suggestions shall I?


Why?Β Not just because Silvera is freaking delightful, HISTORY left me ruined and THEY BOTH DIE is…well it didn’t ruin me quite as much, but I still invested in that tissue company heavily.

Why? I’m not saying this show is the BEST SHOW EVER or that these books are groundbreaking, but RED’S UNTOLD TALE gives us a nice glimpse into the life of a character criminally underused and REGINA RISING is mostly a rehash of what we learn in the show itself, but enjoyable if you’re a Regina fan.

Why? Why not read about Lara Jean’s life before the movie comes out? All three hardcovers are on sale, so why not take advantage of the super cute book series?

Why? These are the start of three very exciting (and very different) series about girls who kick ass in their own unique way – DEFY THE STARS is science fiction, BEFORE SHE IGNITES is fantasy and LABYRINTH LOST is fantasy grounded in reality.

Why? Get your Star Wars book collection started with three books about how three ladies of the Star Wars Universe became the strong characters they are and one book about the cost of war between friends and lovers.

Why? Both authors excel at writing genuine characters with flaws, strengths and personalities that any of us can relate to.

Why? Mythology and beautiful writing – BULL is in verse while SPINDLE is in prose, but they both deal with the monster you create and the monster you become.

So there’s what I offer as choices for you. Any I should look into myself?

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One thought on “Book Sale! B&N 2 for $20 on Select YA Titles

  1. OMG What a deal!! Plus there are many very recent books! I just spend one hour picking no less than 7 books and when I entered my country the shipping fees moved from “free” to “$71,92” and I had to cancel πŸ˜₯
    But you Americans are very lucky to have that deal!


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