(Bookish) News: Red Rising, Buffy, and Coloring Books.

Here are some of the things that made my fangirl heart skip a beat today:

  • “Dynamite Entertainment continues the tradition of bringing the biggest names in literature to comics with the announcement of a new original comic series entitled Sons of Ares, a prequel to the bestselling Red Rising science fiction trilogy from Pierce Brown.” —Source

    Oh hell yes! I knew Pierce Brown was doing a sequel series (Iron Gold, get here now!) but now this just seems like the cherry on top of a pile of delicious ice cream. Only I hate cherries, but you know what I mean. Praise Dynamite Entertainment for their right decisions (they did publish Brandon Sanderson’s White Sand recently and Lexie seems to like it). Seems like it will not be releasing until 2017, same year Iron Gold is coming out… Pierce Brown is totally spoiling me.

  • Speaking of being completely spoiled…

    I don’t know if I just like to collect these, or if I plan to actually color them at some point. But alas! They keep coming out with amazing adult coloring books (that still have a touch of whimsy and are not just a bunch of shapes coming together). Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the best damn series out there, going strong since the 90s, and only getting stronger with each new comic released. The images for this coloring book are actually a collaboration from the various comic book artists that have helped with the Buffy series, including: Karl Moline, Rebekah Isaacs (my fave! <3), Georges Jeanty, Yishan Li, Steve Morris, and Newsha Ghasemi.

    This is how Buffy and Willow look through Rebekah Isaac’s art:


    They look like badasses, adult yet trying to figure shit out. And they call to mind the actresses while still being their own character. I LOVE IT. Which is why Rebekah is my favorite.

    And since I am mentioning strong female characters…

    Yeah, you are welcome. Though I am a little worried about how some of the characters may be portrayed, it is rather exciting to see how they appeared in someone else’s mind. Can’t wait!

    Here are other coloring books available to those of us with pop culture tendencies:



There are, of course, the Harry Potter coloring books as well. Of which I currently only have one, but soon I shall collect them all!

PS; Buffy counts as (Bookish) news because did you know it continued in comic book format after season 7? Yeap, and currently is better than ever on Season 10. I love literature.


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