Series Recap: Thrones of Glass series by Sarah J Maas

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Welcome to Series Recap! A quick recap of what to remember before the next new book hits the shelves.

Today we’re going to tackle the THRONE OF GLASS series by Sarah J Maas. Currently standing strong at 1 book of prequel novellas, 3 novels and book 4, QUEEN OF SHADOWS, releasing in September I think its safe to say folk really dig this assassin’s life. Even if she seems to do less assassinating then you’d think given her title. But how much do you remember?

Warning: Spoilers abound. I don’t suggest reading these if you haven’t read the series in question first. I don’t pull punches and I won’t give you another warning before telling you your favorite character’s pet cat dies in a horrible fire.

The Books

the assassins bladeBook 0: The Assassin’s Blade – 5 prequel novellas detailing how Celaena went from being the premier Assassin to prisoner of the Empire. The stories included are:

  • “The Assassin and the Pirate Lord”
  • “The Assassin and the Healer”
  • “The Assassin and the Desert”
  • “The Assassin and the Underworld”
  • “The Assassin and the Empire”

Note you can get 4 of the novellas as individual e-books (like some of us did >.>), but you can only get “The Assassin and the Healer” as part of the bind up collect (whether print, audio or e-book).

Necessary to Read? In my humble opinion yes. If only for Sam, my baby Sam. More seriously reading these novellas ahead of time means you’ll understand Celaena’s mindset better at the beginning (and throughout most of) Throne of Glass. Especially in regards to how she treats folk being nice to her. And their more tender emotions (looking at you Dorian).

Important Characters to Remember? Celaena for starters, Sam, Arobynn, Captain Rolfe, Ansel, Ilias, the [Mute] Master, Jayne, Farran

Important Places: Rifthold, Assassin’s Keep, The Red Desert, Ardalan, Salt Mines of Endovier

Be Sure To Remember…: Well Sam’s death, that’s kind of important. Arobynn’s vengeance (which included selling both her and Sam down the river tick for leaving his…employ). Ansel’s betrayal (this later has great importance in Throne of Glass when Celaena is making a friend).

throne of glassBook 1: Throne of Glass, or ToG, picks up with Celaena in prison about to be transferred to Chaol’s care under the guidance of Prince Dorian, for the King’s Champion Games. This goes about as well as one can expect when you consider she was 18 when she entered the prison and had earned the title Ardalan’s Assassin” by the time she was 16.

Important Characters to Remember? Princess Nehemia, Celaena (aka Lady Lillian Gordaina of Bellhaven), Captain of the Guard Chaol, Prince Dorian, that right bastard the King, Queen Elena, Kaltain Rompier, Phillipa (Celaena’s personal servant), Holland (Dorian’s right bastard younger brother), Queen Georgiana (Dorian’s mother), Duke Perrington, Cain, Prince Hollin

Important Places: Terrasen, Ardalan, Salt Mines of Endovier, the Glass Castle, Anielle, Ellywe, Belhaven

Be Sure To Remember…: That Celaena was given the “Eye of Elena”, Nehemia teaching her Wyrdmarks, Chaol’s amethyst ring, the strange mark during her fight with Cain, every single bit of advice Nehemia gives her (seriously)

crown of midnightBook 2: Crown of Midnight, aka CoM

Important (new) Characters to Remember? Rebels of Ardalan

Important (new) Places: none actually, this pretty much takes place in Rifthold

Be Sure To Remember…: Celaena’s real name and place in life (Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, Queen of Terrasan), Dorian has magic, Celaena is Fae, Celaena’s oath to Nehemia, the falling out between friends, Celaena’s mission to Wendlyn, Nehemia’s death and Celaena’s distrust of Chaol because of it

heir of fireBook 3: Heir of Fire, or HoF, originally this was gonna be the last book (yeah this series started as a trilogy but was such a freaking fantastic hit they expanded it to 6 books before the ToG’s print run was done).

Important (new) Characters to Remember? (Prince) Rowan, Queen Maeve, Emrys, Athril, Aedion Ashryver, Ren Allsbrook,

Important (new) Places: Doranelle (Fae Capital), Wendlyn, Fortress of Misward

Be Sure To Remember…: Rowan is/was blood bound to Queen Maeve and is now blood bound to Aelin, Celaena pretty much only goes by Aelin in this book (Dorian and Chaol will continue to use Celaena), Dorian’s black collar, carranam

Did I miss anything? Tell me in the comments! So who’s excited for Queen of Shadows releasing next week? Or rather…who’s dreading the fact after we read the 645 page tome we have another year til book 5 and two years until Book 6? :shakes fist: SAAARRRAAAAHHHH damn you for making me wait! (I don’t mean that, I love you don’t ever change)

Lexie Words

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