Author Chat: #AskCTP Twitter Chat

ask CTP

Last night was the Clean Teen Publishing #AskCTP author chat and it was fun (well I had fun, hopefully everyone else did as well). The following authors took part:

Amanda Strong (@aewstrong)
Shannon A. Thompson (@AuthorSAT)
Jennifer Derrick (@BluEyedReindeer)
Sherry D. Ficklin (@AuthorSherry)
Jon Messenger (@JonMessenger)
Kristin Smith (@SwordsStilettos)
Kasi Blake (@KasiBlake)
June S. Westerfield (@damselwriter)
Sandy Goldsworthy (@sgoldsworthy)
Kendra L. Saunders (@kendrybird)
Susan Harris (@SuzHarrisWrites)
Julie Wetzel (@JulieKWetzel)
Tamara Grantham (@TamaraGrantham)

And readers a plenty! Want to see some of the highlights from my questions? Let’s get cracking!

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