Book Expo America 2019-The 10 Year Anniversary #BookExpo19 (Day 1)

Book Expo America will always and forever hold a dear place in my heart. When I first went to BEA I was 16; my mom went with me to NYC (for the first time ever for me), we stayed at this small dirty hotel, and basically navigating NY was terrifying for a girl from Florida (that says a lot). I probably heard about BEA from another blogger, though I can’t for the life of me remember which blog. I don’t remember what books I got, I don’t remember which authors I met, but I do remember whom I met at that BEA and that is my best friend and co-blogger Lexie.

So all in all, I WON AT BEA FOREVER AND ALWAYS because I fell asleep on a total stranger who turned out to be my bestest friend (we will not talk about my issue with boundaries at this point in my life).

That was 10 YEARS AGO. I haven’t gone to BEA in a couple of years because of life (aka James, my one year old) and also ever since BEA joined with BookCon it had gotten a lot more hectic than I can deal with, so I opted to go to other book conventions instead. But this year I decided to brave BEA once more…

…and it was actually quite a blast!

Though BEA did throw a wrench into my most carefully laid out plans by opening the floor on Wednesday for half a day, which was supposed to be our “tour NY, walk around, go to Bloomsbury HQ and Blog Bound!” day, now turned into our “WE HAVE TO SCRAMBLE IF WE WANT TO MAKE EVERYTHING HAPPEN/SACRIFICES MUST BE MADE!”

My Friday schedule looked like this:

BEA Day 1

I made it to ONE signing. I had to make the MOST DIFFICULT DECISION of either going to BlogBound (which was held in the Harper Offices) or get Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. LEIGH FREAKING BARDUGO.

I decided to go to Blog bound–I was very excited to attend! We got to see the Harper Offices! Which I had never seen before, so that was an experience I was not willing to give up. Not even for Leigh Freaking Bardugo.

At 9am we made a pit stop at the Javits Center to pick up our badges, and then it was off we go to Bloomsbury HQ.

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The place was amazing, and the ladies at Bloomsbury sure were SUPER excited to talk about their new upcoming books! We got an ARC of The Gravity of Us (which was on my list of books to pick up at BEA! ) and a fantastic tour inside their offices.

Some of their AWESOME upcoming titles include:

Some Places More Than Others The Dragon Warrior The Gravity of Us A Heart So Fierce and Broken (A Curse So Dark and Lonely, #2)

After Bloomsbury we walked back to the Javits–While we had Blogbound still that afternoon we did have a window to go to the BEA floor and walk around, hopefully pick up some ARCs and hit a few signings before we had to go. I did make it to the Meg Cabot signing for Black Canary: Ignite!

20190601_185150.jpg Black Canary: Ignite

After wandering about the BEA show we headed out to the Harper HQ where we got to meet up with other bloggers and attend panels! The panels I attended were: Jobs in Publishing, and Building a Community.

I got a couple of things from these panels, which were:

  • Getting into publishing and leaving the “intern” phase is HARD and you need to network/meet the right people in order to make it.
  • The author of The Princess and the Fangirl, Ashley Poston, is HILARIOUS and I could listen to her moderate a panel all day long.
  • Having a community of like minded people, like you all amazing book bloggers who will maybe manage to get through this post, is really what helps keep us going in this little sliver of the internet. Without Lexie I would have given up blogging long ago, and I really want to try and build up that community for myself once more and get back into the swing of things.

And that concludes our first day of Bookish AMAZINGNESS–thank you to anybody who got through this long post! And now, a few pics for the FIRST DAY HAUL!


List of ARCS:

Season of the Witch (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, #1) American Royals Black Canary: Ignite

Tarnished Are the Stars The Dark Lord Clementine Winterwood

Batman: Nightwalker (Graphic Novel) There Will Come a Darkness (There Will Come a Darkness, #1) Serpent & Dove (Serpent & Dove, #1)

The Tenth Girl Tell Me How You Really Feel The Gravity of Us

The Grace Year Cursed Moonstruck, Vol. 1: Magic to Brew (Moonstruck #1)

Deadly Class Volume 1: Reagan Youth Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vol. 1 Angel #0

The Magicians: Alice's Story Just Beyond: The Scare School Original Graphic Novel Super Fun Sexy Times

Midas (The Midas Flesh) The Black Mage The Tea Dragon Festival

Rebel (Legend, #4) Call Down the Hawk (Dreamer #1) Pumpkinheads

More days to come,

Taschima Gradientdescription

BE(not A), a Changing Landscape Part 1: History

eric smith 2015 bea.jpg
image from Eric Smith’s blog, May 2, 2015

A year and half ago, when Tasch & I first made this blog, she posted about BEA 2015 and I posted about why I wouldn’t be attending BEA 2016 (Me, BEA, and the Undying Will). At the time it was largely due to expenses as well as a feeling of…malaise. I’ve been attending BEA since 2007 – when I attended as an educator to meet an author I fervently admired after convincing my then boss I should try to expand our pitiful Center library. I had no idea what I was getting into; I wasn’t blogging and bloggers as a group had yet to start attending(1).

I didn’t come home with many books that year (ten?), but I also didn’t make any friends. It was an overwhelming experience to put it frankly. I almost didn’t attend in 2009, but at this point I was blogging and due to health reasons I wasn’t working, so my ability to read “new” books or meet other book lovers was severely limited(2). Book blogging as a community was just building itself together (anybody remember how great the book blogging community on “Ning” was? Does anyone even remember “Ning”?) so again there was maybe several dozens of us at BEA that year.

2010 it exploded. Continue reading “BE(not A), a Changing Landscape Part 1: History”

Post Book Conference – Choosing your first read

sheska from fullmetal alchemist
How do I choose?

There’s an important decision that you’ve either made or will make soon.  You probably don’t realize it, probably haven’t even given it much thought, but its a decision that has the potential to have long reaching consequences. I’m talking about the first book you read (and finish!) after a book conference*.

All of us walk away with plenty of new reads to lavish attention upon.  Whether its a new book in a favorite series or the hotly anticipate debut, they’re all so PRETTY and make you want to read them now now now.  But what do you choose? How can you say yes to one without making the others feel less important?  Is it better to stay with a known favorite author or strike out into new territory?  Read something coming out now or something due out in 9 months?

Hey I get you, don’t worry I feel that way too.  Its a thrilling and terrifying moment of truth that few consciously understand or can even explain adequately.  The rush and anticipation, the thrill of cracking open that new ARC and knowing you’re one of only a few hundred (at most) who have it in their hands.  Its the best feeling for a book nerd. That’s why its interesting to chart a person’s reading habits.  I’ve done it to myself the last several book conferences and well the data is a bit eye opening when I consider what I THINK I do and what I actually do.

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Me, BEA and the Undying Will

PrintHere’s how this story goes – once upon a time there was a girl. She was a pretty ordinary girl, her only real extraordinary feature being her vast book collection.  One year, because of an author the girl admired very very keenly, the girl found out about an event called Book Expo America, and decided to attend.  The girl was gobsmacked; who knew such a wonderful place existed? Who knew they would just give you books to read and review?

That year the girl walked away with one certainty–she would return.

And return she did…for another 8 years.

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BEA 2015 RECAP (Part 1): The Motherload of Book Conventions

Book Expo America (or BEA for short) is one of the biggest book conventions out there. Everybody in the industry can attend, sellers, publishers, editors, authors, and even bloggers. Which is how I managed to sneak my way into the event for the fifth time in a row. This is actually quite possibly my last time attending BEA for a while as BEA is moving its convention all the way over to Chicago next year which makes it a bit more difficult for your truly to attend. So this is essentially the beginning of the end, and what an ending it was. Continue reading “BEA 2015 RECAP (Part 1): The Motherload of Book Conventions”