Book Review: A Girl’s Guide to Landing a Greek God

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When Angie’s big fat Greek wedding goes bust, her grandmother sends her on a trip to Greece with the instruction to set sail on a mysterious fishing boat that will take her to an uncharted island. Waiting for her at the dock is Milos, who’s charming and handsome and confesses he’s been crushing on her for years, even though he’s never met her. He also tells her he’s a descendant of the original Gods of Olympus, who are plotting their return to power.
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Before she can say “Oh my God,” Angie is flying a winged horse alongside Milos and finding love in his arms. But there’s one little hitch: Milos’s elders are forcing him to marry a malevolent goddess named Electra to fulfill their plan. If Angie is to have any hope of hanging onto Milos, she’ll have to battle monsters, both reptilian and lipsticked; uncover secrets about her past; and go toe-to-toe with Zeus himself, whose recipe for world domination doesn’t call for a sassy girl from the outer boroughs.

Pros – Who wouldn’t want to land a Greek God?*, breezy, sweet

Cons – Clearly a set up for other books, not much seems to happen, bland

Spoiler – There’s a spoiler beneath in my review. If you’d prefer to read the review minus the spoiler I suggest you check out my GR review, as the spoiler is hidden there.

Review – So I’m of two minds here guys.

On the one hand I enjoyed this – it was fluffy, light and sweet, with the occasional foray into deeper things. Its kind of like when I get a mocha caramel macchiato (with extra whipped cream) at Starbucks. Mostly its sweeter than sugar, but occasionally I’ll get a strong sip of the espresso underlying and its nice.

On the other hand I guess it was just…okay. I’m tempted to say not a lot happens, but that’s not really true–a lot happens to Angie over the course of her trip and beyond. It just never ascended to a higher level of adrenaline for me. Usually in romances, of which this is much closer to a romance than a chicklit (though I’m not entirely sure how this is considered), something grabs me. The banter between the H/h, the obstacles in their path, the antagonist…something. GIRL’S GUIDE that doesn’t happen so much.

This reminded me strongly of listening to a girlfriend talk about her amazing vacation, but in such a pedantic way it takes out all the fun. “First I met this cool Delta* flight attendant, than we became besties, than I shared all my intimate secrets with him, than I arrived in Athens…”

Milos was a fun guy. I have no real problems with him, though I sort of judged him with some of his actions at times (no more than any other Greek God I’d judge though…they can’t all be Hades or Hermes okay?). As the first book in what is listed as a trilogy this guy’s adventures (divine or otherwise) are far from over.

That said, I feel like the separation should have carried into the next book. Milos giving up, what amounts to, his divinity for true love is all well and good, but we spent so much time watching Milos woo her, that their actual time together was minimal before they were separated. Than she had to Quest for him and they’re reunited. Their reunion somewhat overshadowed by the fact Milos is in despair over losing everything and everyone he loved (or rather is no longer welcome).

As for a guy writing a “Girl’s Guide”, the title is kind of a misnomer; its less a guide than a “this adventure happened to me!” novel. And while sometimes Angie responded in a way somewhat alien to me, it was hardly a thing since she grew up in vastly different circumstances. Her pragmatism was often at war with her romanticism which was then at war with her positivity which all got chucked to the side when her pessimism came to play. She hardly knew what she was feeling when she was feeling it half the time.

I’m interested to see how this plays out, so I’ll be checking out the next book for sure, but I’m not sure how to recommend this.

(*) there’s a fair amount of brand dropping here–more than I’m used to actually, but I swear in the chapter she’s aboard the airplane she says Delta a dozen times. Praises Delta. God Blessed Delta. No offense but I’ve flown Delta? And while I’ve had at least one decent flight attendant, by in large its not an experience I look forward to. I only fly Delta if Southwest or Virgin isn’t avail.

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Published by: Midnight Ink
Release: April 8, 2016
Series: First in Series
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