Reviewing Policy


Greetings earthlings!  So you want to submit a review request to For the Sake of Reading


We welcome all requests, all we ask for is patience when it comes to responding to them. It might take up to a week depending on our reviewer’s schedules.

Please FILL OUT THE FORM and keep the following in mind when requesting:

  • Please be sure to read our Reviewer Page, as well as previous posts by one or both of us.  This way you kind of get a feel for our style (because they’re different!)
  • Carefully consider the restrictions per individual, we don’t always read the same things (but when we do, it’s magical.)
  • Read over your submission to check for errors or missed information.  This will help all of us feel more confident in our correspondence.


I only read within the fantasy, paranormal romance, historical romance and scifi genres, in the YA, NA and fiction categories.

Self-pub welcome, but I prefer self-pub or indie writers I’ve reviewed/worked with in the past.


I will read YA Fantasy, Dystopian, Thriller, Sci-fi, & Paranormal. For adult titles I mostly tend to stick to Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy, some Sci-fi.

Self-pub/Indie writers please note I will work with authors that are established and I have reviewed in the past for the most part. If you are able to provide a sample of your work (first chapter only) I might be more inclined to go ahead and review.

Fair warning, I might require your first unborn child. But we can certainly discuss the terms.


3 thoughts on “Reviewing Policy

  1. Lexie,

    Nancy Richardson Fischer here – we met at the BEA and you gave me a shot of confidence that was much needed. Thank you! Just happened on your blog and I’m excited to see that you plan on reading When Elephants Fly:-). Please do let me know what you think! Thanks again for listening to a nervous author;-).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Nancy! I’m so sorry I hadn’t seen your comment! 🙂 WHEN ELEPHANTS FLY is on my docket for Labor Day Weekend reading. i’ll be happy to let you know how I feel after! I’ll email you (and maybe we can set up an author interview?) Thank you for finding me!!


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