Author Chat: #AskCTP Twitter Chat

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Last night was the Clean Teen Publishing #AskCTP author chat and it was fun (well I had fun, hopefully everyone else did as well). The following authors took part:

Amanda Strong (@aewstrong)
Shannon A. Thompson (@AuthorSAT)
Jennifer Derrick (@BluEyedReindeer)
Sherry D. Ficklin (@AuthorSherry)
Jon Messenger (@JonMessenger)
Kristin Smith (@SwordsStilettos)
Kasi Blake (@KasiBlake)
June S. Westerfield (@damselwriter)
Sandy Goldsworthy (@sgoldsworthy)
Kendra L. Saunders (@kendrybird)
Susan Harris (@SuzHarrisWrites)
Julie Wetzel (@JulieKWetzel)
Tamara Grantham (@TamaraGrantham)

And readers a plenty! Want to see some of the highlights from my questions? Let’s get cracking!

Many of the authors agreed that Sherry Ficklin is definitely worth checking out. Sherry has written the Stolen Empire series (book 1: QUEEN OF SOMEDAY is currently free on Kindle), the Losing Logan series, and the #Hacker series (book 1 PLAYING WITH FIRE is currently free on Kindle) for Clean Teen Publishing.

Jon Messenger was suggested. He’s written the Worlds Aflame series (book 1: WIND WARRIOR is currently free on Kindle) and the Magic & Machinary series (book 1: WOLVES OF THE NORTHERN RIFT is currently free on Kindle) for Clean Teen Publishing.

Tamara Grantham’s DREAMTHIEF (Book 1 in the Fairy World MD series, currently free on Kindle), Lauren Nicolle Taylor’s recently released NORA & KETTLE (book 1 in the Paper Stars series) and Holly Kelly’s RISING (book 1 in the Rising series, currently free on Kindle) were both also suggested as well.

Sherry Ficklin and June Westerfield are both looking forward to writing a pirate book together when their schedules align (and I’m looking forward to reading it!) while Kendra Saunders would love to work with Neil Gaiman and Elizabeth Wein and Kasi Blake would love to work with Cassandra Clare. Kristin Smith would love to work with Ally Condie, Marie Lu, Marissa Meyer or Kiera Cass!

Sherry Ficklin says there’s a big one few readers have caught in IN TOO DEEP (#Hackers book 2), Shannon A Thompson and Kendra Saunders both say their books are deeply connected with familiar faces popping up often, Julie Wetzel says there’s nerd culture all over her books, Kasi Blake says no one has caught on her chars begin with her initials in CRUSHED (book 1 in the Witch Game series, currently free on Kindle) and Sandy Goldsworthy explains hers all inside jokes her friends would get.

Kasi Blake had a very enthusiastic yes (I’m watching you Kasi, remember that) while Sherry Ficklin said she’s withheld information before.

Sherry Ficklin says to hit her up on Facebook at any time, Julie Wetzel & June Westerfield say cookies will definitely do the trick, Shannon Thompson very simply would like kittens, Jennifer Derrick would like Krispy Kreme donuts, and Tamara Grantham says she has no secrets–just write every day!

Shannon Thompson baked cookies for her release day (yeah totally showing up for the next one), Jennifer Derrick was ahem doing some housework, but went to dinner later, Kasi Blake went back to work (later she had a cake with her cover on it. a delicious cake!), Julie Wetzel is getting a gorgeous tattoo to celebrate and Jon Messenger had a date night with his wife.

I recommend checking out the entire #AskCTP hashtag thread – some very interesting questions from others cropped up! I don’t know about anyone else, but I had a load of fun and hope there’s another in the future!


Lexie Words

10 thoughts on “Author Chat: #AskCTP Twitter Chat

  1. I wasn’t able to attend The party last night as one of the CTP authors but I love this post! What a great way to share what fellow authors said. Thank you!


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